Afterlife the Tabletop Sci-fi Wargame

Afterlife tells the story of society torn apart by civil war after the collapse of the Unity Council; a monolithic global governing body created almost two hundred years previously to lead humanity toward a bright and peaceful future.

After decades of brutal oppression by its ruling elites, the Unity Council’s authority collapsed in the face of a popular uprising and the secession of dozens of major corporations to form the new Pan Continental Republic.

Now the planet burns. Sprawling hyper-cities, built for a world of prosperity, have become lethal war zones. Corporations, emergent governments, resistance movements and criminal elements engage in an escalating conflict for power, wealth or simply survival.

Earth is a battlefield. What will you fight for?


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Afterlife is our Sci-Fi skirmish game system, supported by an expanding range of extremely high quality resin miniatures.

Volume I: The SHARDS of Liberty, is the first installment of the game, introducing the 2 main powers and their high-tech weaponary. 

Read more about Volume I here.

The key features are:

  • Near future dystopian Sci-Fi wargame.
  • Fast paced alternate activation mechanic keeps both players involved.
  • Core rules are compact and easy to learn.
  • Cinematic, exciting game-play.
  • High quality, finely detailed 28mm resin miniatures.

Choose your Faction!

The Unity Council The Republic

What are the rules?

The rules for Afterlife are available as free PDF downloads:

Afterlife Main Game Rules (PDF, 8.3MB)

Character Rules & Profiles (PDF, 3.66MB)

You can buy a high quality printed copy in the Rules, Counters and Dice section or with any Starter Set at a discounted Price.

An Important note on SCALE

The various phrases used widely to describe scale (eg 28mm, Heroic, true scale) can be confusing and inaccurate. An average human figure in AFTERLIFE, standing upright, is 30mm tall to the top of their head (It varies, as people in real life do!). The proportions of Head, limbs and weapons are exaggerated slightly (often called Heroic scaling) but not to the same extent as many popular miniature ranges.

If you are planning to use AFTERLIFE miniatures alongside miniatures from other manufacturers, and you are unsure if the scales will fit, feel free to email us for advice, or purchase a small number of miniatures and make your own judgement. 

AFTERLIFE Miniatures are typically made of between 2 and 4 separate resin components and are supplied with a plastic base. The figures will require a small amount of preparation and assembly with superglue, they are not toys and not suitable for under 14's but are generally user friendly and suitable for gamers who do not have prior experience with resin kits.

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