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Exo-Lords - Power Armour

Larger and stronger than ever, our Exo-Lords march to war once again! They are the best alternative heroic scale power armoured miniatures out there!  

Granted superhuman size and strength, and encased in the most advanced powered armour available, each Exo-Lord is a walking tank. A lone warrior is capable of single handedly engaging and defeating many adversaries. In larger numbers, Exo-Lords can turn the tide of battle across an entire warzone.

We are relaunching the range with our Black-Ops in 28mm super heroic scale, so our Exo-Lords now tower over unaugmented humans, at around 40mm tall.

We offer full squads in various sizes with a built-in discount. You can also purchase individual sprues for use in conversions, though the range is not designed to be specifically compatible with other manufacturer's models.

We will be expanding the range with a wider variety of armour and weapon styles. If you have a specific suggestion/request, or any questions about the range, you can email us -

Physical Release Schedule (opens new tab)

(Estimated, these are subject to change.)

Scale comparison

Above Left to right : Primaris Space Marine ©Games Workshop Ltd, Exo-Lord, Horus Heresy Space Marine ©Games Workshop Ltd

Space Marine miniatures are Copyright Games Workshop PLC. Images are used here for scale comparison, which we believe constitutes fair use.

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