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Anvil Digital Forge End User License Agreement

Please read carefully the terms of this end user license agreement (“agreement”), which constitutes a binding agreement between you and Anvil Industry Ltd (“We” “Our”).

Anvil Industry, 68A Cobden Rd, London, E11 3PE, United Kingdom.
UK Company Number: 07792100

By downloading or using any of the licensed STL files (“digital assets”) made available, you acknowledge that you have fully read, understand, and agree to be bound by this Agreement:

  1. You must be aged over 18 to download or use Anvil Industry digital assets.
  2. All digital assets made available for download are Copyright, and are property of Anvil Industry Ltd, they may be refered to as Anvil Digital Forge.
  3. Anvil Industry grants you an unlimited, non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use digital assets as follows:
    1. You are permitted to download, store, and use digital assets to produce 3D prints for your own personal, non-commercial use.
    2. You are permitted to modify the digital assets (for example rescaling, altering proportions, editing in CAD software) however any modified asset remains entirely our property, and subject to the terms of this agreement.
    3. You are permitted to purchase 3D prints of the digital assets from a third-party 3D printing service, so long as the prints are strictly for your personal use.
  4. You agree not to sell 3D prints of our digital assets.
  5. You agree not to gift, sell, rent, share or otherwise distribute our digital assets.
  6. You agree not to use our digital assets in any commercial enterprise or project.
  7. You agree that your use of our digital assets is entirely at your own risk, and they are supplied “as is” without Warranty of any kind. You agree that to the maximum extent permitted by law, we are not liable for any electronic or physical corruption/damage caused by your use of the digital assets.
  8. Your licence lasts indefinitely unless terminated.
  9. You agree that we can terminate your licence at any time if you are found to be in breach of any of the terms of the agreement.
  10. We strongly advise you make a backup of all of your digital assets, Anvil Industry is not obliged to provide replacements for lost files, but may do so at our discretion for an admin fee of £10 where they are no longer available for download in your account. This excludes exclusive or time limited miniatures which will not be provided again.