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Daughters of the Burning Rose

The Daughters of the Burning Rose is a force of gothic medieval-themed warrior women, ready to purge a galaxy of heretics!

At 28mm scale they are suitable for use in a range of different wargaming settings and game systems.

The sculpts use our Regiments female modular joint system, so they are compatible with other Regiments female sculpts, and suitable for use in conversions and kitbashes with other miniatures of similar scale and proportion.

We are creating all of our female figures in resin to ensure the highest quality miniatures for gamers and collectors, we want to make the best alternative female wargaming figures.

Resin Release Schedule (opens new tab)

(Estimated, these are subject to change.)

Scale comparison

Above Left to right : Daughter of the Burning Rose, Battle Sister┬ęGames Workshop Ltd, Female Regiments Figure

Battle Sister miniatures are Copyright Games Workshop PLC. Images are used here for scale comparison, which we believe constitutes fair use.

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