Digital - Armoured Renegades Infantry & Heavy Weapons Bundle


Armoured Renegades Infantry & Heavy Weapons Bundle

This product is a personal licence allowing you to download and use the Armoured Renegades Infantry & Heavy Weapons Bundle for personal, non-commercial use only. This item is a Digital Download of an STL file (or files). Your use of the files is subject to the Digital Forge End User Licence Agreement, which you can find HERE. Please read this before purchasing.

What's Included

  • 1 x Clawed tripod heavy weapons platform, designed to be compatible with any of our Regiments heavy weapons
  • 1 x Rotary cannon, supplied with or without ornate spikes, and several extra ammuntion belts and boxes
  • 1 x Gothic Autocannon, supplied with or without ornate chains, and an additional ammunition drum
  • 3 x Renegade gun shields, designed to be compatible with any of our Regiments heavy weapons
  • 6 x Renegade "Grotesque" helmeted heads
  • 6 x Renegade "Hand Mask" cultist heads
  • 1 x Renegade helmeted head with gasmask
  • 6 x Armoured Renegade Torsos - 4 male and 2 female
  • 6 x Armoured Renegade Rifle Arms, in various poses - 4 male and 2 female, designed to wield weapons with our Pistol Grip style weapon attachment point
  • 2 x Armoured Renegade Heavey Weapon Gunner Arms - 1 male and 1 female, designed to be compatible with any of our Regiments heavy weapons
  • 1 x Pair of Armoured Renegade Melee arms with open wrist joints
  • 8 x Armoured Renegade Legs, in various poses - 5 male and 3 female. This includes kneeling varients of both
  • 1 x Assault rifle with Pistol Gip attachment system. Comes in 4 varients; Standard, Cloth Wrap, Bayonet, Axe, and also standalone version with stock
  • 1 x Power Cleaver melee weapon with integrated Regiments hand
  • 1 x Phase Pistol with integrated Regiments hand

Are the Parts Presupported? 

Yes. The download folder contains both the unsupported file, AND an identical copy with a pre-made support structure included as a separate shell. You can download one or both files depending on your needs.


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  • 3D printing miniatures and conversion parts at home is great fun, but requires commitment and skill to master and involves working with hazardous chemicals. You must be over 18 to download or use Digital Forge products.
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Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Category Regiments
Inspiration Sci-fi
Style Renegade
Gender Male
Gender Female
Weapon Attachment Type Pistol Grip With Stock
Weapon Attachment Type Heavy Weapon
Weapon Type Assault Rifle
Medium/ Material Digital STL File
Patreon Month 2020-07 Armoured Renegades
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