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Xenos Rampant Army Lists

Xenos Rampant Army Lists

Richard Cowen, co-creater of sci-fi miniature game Xenos Rampant, has put together these army lists using Anvil mini's from the Mutant Horrors digital pack, Daughters of the Burning Rose and Exo-Lords!


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Xenos Rampant Mutants

Mutant Horrors of the Void-Hulk Ahab

This raiding force, led by a mutant known only as Father, is essentially a horde army, overrunning local militias and rapid response forces with sheer weight of numbers. The most powerful units in the detachment are the gargants, who are more than capable of tearing or shooting holes in almost any target, including vehicles. Finally, Father may not be a particularly powerful fighter, but his psychic abilities and Commander special rule can be used to greatly enhance the units around him.

2 points                Father (Light Infantry: Single Model Unit, Commander, Beta-class Psychic, Psychic Hazard, Unarmed)

Mutant leader with melee option

6 points                Gargants with machine guns (Greater Xenomorphs: Reduced Model Unit 2, Slow,  Xenomorph Ranged Attack, Armour-Piercing)

Two giant mutants with machine guns

4 points                Gargants with melee weapons (Greater Xenomorphs: Reduced Model Unit 2, Slow, High-Powered Blades)

Two giant mutants with melee weapons

2 points                Centaurs (Lesser Xenomorphs)

Five centaur mutants

2 points each     2x Feral Mutants (Primitive Infantry: Savage, Mob)

Two squads, each of fifteen mutants, armed only with melee weapons

3 points each     2x Mutants (Light Infantry: Increased Squad Size, Guerrillas, Undisciplined)

Two squads, each of ten mutants, most or all with rifles

Xenos Rampant Mutants

The Chamber of Mercy

This band of Daughters is a compact, if unsubtle, force of armoured fanatics, led by a volunteer acting as a vessel for the spirit of death itself. Death lacks any ranged capabilities, but makes up for that with its ability to slice vehicles and infantry apart with ease. Her followers are experts at what they do, whether that is gunning down the enemies of the faith or hacking them to pieces.

                Although Death has the Demonic rule, chances are the Daughters of the Burning Rose consider her to be somewhat holy, so you might want to rename the rule ‘Celestial’. The army also needs to select a shared target for their Hatred (mutants, undead, specific species of alien etc.), which will compel them to charge the selected enemy type if they get close enough.

9 points                Death (Elite Infantry: Single Model Unit, Commander, Demonic, Unarmed, High-Powered Blade, Hatred, Demolitions)


5 points                each     2x Burning Rose Daughters (Heavy Infantry: Heavy Weapon, Hatred)

Two squads, each of five sisters, with four rifles and one heavy weapon

5 points                Burning Rose assault squad (Berserk Infantry: Heavy Armour, Hatred)

Five sisters with melee weapons

Xenos Rampant Mutants

Squad Austerin

This five-man squad of genetically enhanced super-soldiers is as effective on the battlefield as an entire army. Sergeant Austerin is a melee expert, single-handedly cleaving his way through whole squads of enemy troops, while Troopers Beguin, Holtz and Gormel engage the enemy at range, although both units are capable of playing the alternate role. Trooper Tighe, controlling a mech-suit, is similarly an all-rounder, though the short range of his weaponry limits his ranged potency somewhat.

8 points                Sergeant Austerin (Elite Infantry: Single Model Unit, Commander, Close Quarters Doctrine, Assault Doctrine, High-Powered Blade)

Black Ops exo-lord sergeant

8 points                Trooper Tighe (Fighting Vehicle: Walker, Close Quarters Doctrine, High-Powered Blades)

Ogre Mech Suit – melee loadout with recon armour and frag pistol

8 points                Troopers Beguin, Holtz and Gormel (Elite Infantry: Reduced Model Unit 3, Infiltrators, Armour-Piercing)

3 Exo-lords with ion rifles or similar energy weapons

Xenos Rampant Mutants


These military automata were abandoned on the battlefield after their former masters were destroyed in a brutal conflict. They keep catastrophic breakdown at bay through a combination of self-repair protocols and by stealing spare parts from the war’s victors. The Deus Ex Machina is an AI-infected war suit, possibly still containing the skeletal corpse of its original pilot, which has taken upon itself the role of mentor and leader for smaller rusting automata. The Overseers and the Soldiers are tough all-round fighters, while the Scrappers are terrifying at close quarters.

                Mechanoids can be relied on to do what you want while they’re intact, but lose efficiency once they become heavily damaged and may eventually shut down entirely. The Scrapbots risk suffering damage whenever they act outside of their narrow programming, due to their Unstable rule, so it is fortunate that their self-repair protocols allow units to regenerate lost Strength Points.

7 points                Deus Ex Machina (Fighting Vehicle: Commander, Mechanoid, Walker, Regeneration, Unstable)

Ogre Mech Suit – ranged loadout

5 points                Overseers (Elite Infantry: Mechanoid, Armour-Piercing, Regeneration, Unstable)

                                                5 Exo-lord scale automata with energy weapons

3 points each     2x Soldiers (Heavy Infantry: Mechanoid, Increased Squad Size, Regeneration, Unstable)

Two squads of ten automata each, with rifles

5 points                Scrappers (Berserk Infantry: Mechanoid, Increased Squad Size, Heavy Armour, High Powered Blades, Mobile, Regeneration, Unarmed, Unstable)

Ten automata with melee arms only 

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