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When will Digital Forge products be available in resin? and other questions, answered!

When will Digital Forge products be available in resin?  and other questions, answered!

We've recently launched Anvil Digital Forge on Patreon, and we are very grateful for the fantastic support we have received so far!

It's a new direction for us, and we understand a lot of our existing fans have concerns and questions, which we will try to cover here.


Are you stopping the production of new or existing resin miniatures?

Absolutely not, we are committed to continuing to produce resin miniatures for the indefinite future, including plenty of exciting new products! 

The Digital Forge project is intended to allow our design team to continue to work on new models while we are unable to release new physical models (see below). Going forward, we intended Anvil Digital Forge output to complement our resin range so that we can offer our designs to a wider range of customers.


Why have new releases been paused? When will "X" be back in stock?

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has hugely reduced our studio capacity. We are currently manufacturing and shipping orders with less than half of our previous staff level.

Our team is coping well under the pressure, but we are focusing on maintaining the stock of our core product ranges and getting orders shipped out in good time.

More items than usual will be unavailable for short periods of time, and we have also had to withdraw a number of less popular products from sale, which are shown as available in "1-6 months". They will return when we have sufficient capacity. 


When will Digital Forge products be available to purchase as regular resin miniatures?

We know from our recent survey that most of our customers don't have 3D printers, and are very interested in getting physical copies of the new designs! 

We are all hobbyists here and we share your enthusiasm! We want to release physical copies of most (if not all) of the new designs, as soon as it is practical to do so.

It is not yet possible to estimate if/when the new designs will be available in resin, but we are currently actively exploring options. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for any new information as soon as we have it.


What is the plan for AFTERLIFE?

After a few years on hiatus, we had originally intended to spend a part of this year figuring out the next steps for Afterlife. We planned to review the rules and game system and consider how we could expand the miniatures range. The Pandemic has meant unfortunately we have had to delay that process, and have withdrawn the range from sale temporarily.

We hope to make AFTERLIFE miniatures available again in the future, but do not yet know when we will get a chance to. Options include re-releasing old miniatures as they are, making improved versions of existing designs, making the miniatures available as 3D print-on-demand or in a digital format, and some other ideas.






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