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Great Models!
Chris 5/7/2020 3:53 PM
The sprues came in excellent condition. Most of the sprues had minimal cleaning to none at all, a few needed some more attention (maybe an extra 5-10 minutes in total). The models went together great with super glue. Only (minor) issue I had was some of the torsos clipped at the waist where they met the legs. Easily solved with shaving a bit of plastic off at the waist. The poses of the arms & legs were dynamic and highly detailed. The guns & extra bits were also great! High detail and easy to work with. All the models easily fit into their push fit bases.
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My parade guard army looks fantastic
Steve 5/1/2020 9:48 AM
I love these guys. I've custom built 30 infantry as parade uniform space soldiers to start and I'm so looking forward to building up another 30 at least! And I've got plenty of extra torsos and heads for future modifications.

My only issue is that my painting skills don't do the models enough justice :P
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Regiments Custom Infantry/Veteran squad
Jacob 4/8/2020 8:54 AM
This is an excellent product, the models are highly detailed and just look fantastic.
I have a quite a few of these squads and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for this wide variety and choice of components
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Replacment for Guardsmen
brandon 3/12/2020 8:29 AM
I've recently finished a Certain "Robot army" from a Certain workshop of the games and decided to do a guards army was going to do kreig from the WORLD OF FORGE  but felt like keeping my kidney. However i didn't want to do Cadian (generic), Catachan (just no) nor valhallens (space Russians!)  so i went looking for unique infantry, and honestly it was hard, i tried using bolt action models but it looked odd in proportion to real guardsmen. but then i stumbled upon this holy grail why are custom regiment creators not more common.. i ended up creating ww2 era British soldiers and it was glorious fatigue webbing and field dress look absolutely marvellous. all details are well done and the resin is top notch they glue easily and paint well after priming, i even got a weapons team with a Maxim  gun and i love it, i don't know if it was a mistake but i got extra parts that allowed me to make an extra soldier. i short i will be ordering more from this website GIB ME MORE JUICY MODELS!!
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Custom regiments.
Roy 12/10/2019 10:43 AM
Iv recently read three of the Warhammer Gaunt's Ghosts omnibus editions and been inspired to complete a unit of the Tanith 1st and only. Unfortunately Warhammer don't seem to do these figures and what is out on ebay is expensive and mainly private conversations. I came across Anvil Industry purely by chance. The'regiment custom infantry' was exactly what I needed. Iv used mostly jungle fighters parts and at the moment I'm making the individual figures. All parts are sharp, well detailed and fit together with very little cleaning needed. Im looking forward to painting them and in the meantime have ordered more 'parts'. I was also please with the delivery time. No waiting weeks and in one case months for figures as happens with many other firms out there.
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