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Fantastic tiny details!
Guest 10/7/2021 8:01 AM
a small thing to add but it makes a real difference to my minis!
I found that a small blob of greenstuff under each pad, rather than glue, was the best way to attatch these.
nice that they are sleeker and thinner than most others from popular 28mm gaming mini manufacturers. the lack of bulk and angular lines make them seem much more realistic and are a good away of adding some high tech or lightly armoured flavours to a specific squad such as veterans, officers or even across a whole army... goes with any of the range too, futuristic, dieselpunk, steampunk, apocalyptic. its all good!
Being small, they can even work as big kneepads too!
very very usefull product and I will be using more. something I'll keep in the bits-box all the time so I've them on standby for future conversions.
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