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Guest Post: Gaslands Conversions

Guest Post: Gaslands Conversions

Author: Guest Post by Adam Smith

This is my Rutherford team for Gaslands, made with Anvil Industry parts. It was an unexpected collaboration between me buying cool cars on eBay, Bob Long doing the conversions to a spec and Gary Lynn painting them. So you have the creativity of 3 people on these, which is probably why they look so amazing!

Here are the vehicles used, and the Anvil parts conversions shown in the WIP images:

Matchbox Road Mauler: Cannon and front Ram

The Road Mauler didn't need much converting, although the Anvil Industry cannon and massive ram, really emphasises how brutal this vehicle is on the tabletop.

Gaslands Matchbox Conversion

Hotwheels Cruiser Bruiser: Rocket Launcher

The Cruiser Bruiser is seriously jacked up on big wheels, while the other cars have simple wheel swaps.

Gaslands Hotwheels Conversion

Hotwheels BigAir BelAir: Rocket Launcher

Gaslands Hotwheels Conversion

Hotwheels Ford Falcon: Engine Block (no WIP shot of this one)

All other parts are 3d printed wheels and a Weapons Of Carnage sprue.

When I was planning my Rutherford cars, I realised that I needed the biggest, baddest rocket launchers I could find (in scale). Anvil Industry weapons (and engine blocks) have the best details of all the Gaslands parts I've come across.

Gaslands Hotwheels Matchbox Conversion

Gaslands Hotwheels Matchbox Conversion

I'm also currently working on a Miyazaki team with a Lamborghini Countach that has a hood mounted turbo charger from Anvil Industry.

This is 1 of my 3 Gaslands teams. I also have a Highway Patrol team built and painted by Gary Lynn (bought from the Gaslands Trading Facebook Group), as well as Miyzaki team, converted with 80's Lamborghinis, built by me.

So there are 3 very distinctively different looking teams by 3 different builders.
1. Rutherford are very ramshackle and big and blocky.
2. Highway Patrol are fairly simple with some armour plating.
3. Miyazaki are heavily modified with lots of armour plating and huge side exhausts.

Meanwhile I have another enormous Anvil Industry Ram and loads more Engine Blocks for other cars I'll build in the future...

I'm looking forward to playing them for the first time at the Gaslands FREE Play evening at Watford Wargames Club ( on the 28th of September.

For more of Adam's projects check out their Instagram!

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9/23/2022 11:42 AM
Love these - they are really well put together.