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Customer Spotlight - Ekkehard Rolfs' Majestic-13 Team

Customer Spotlight - Ekkehard Rolfs' Majestic-13 Team

Guest Blog post writer Ekkehard Rolfs builds Majestic-13 operatives inspired by our studio teams.

When I saw the Majestic-13 teams the Anvil team built, I knew I had a new project. Of course, it would've been too easy if I had an idea of the (rough) background. So I started with Combat trouser legs, plate carrier torso and Alice Backpacks with Bedrolls. The first weapons I chose didn't click with me, apart from the Grenade Launcher and the M249 SAW (counts as a Heavy Repeating Rifle).

My background at that stage, were US Rangers. That changed though and after adding some more bits to my collection (and the miniatures) and starting a discussion on one of my gaming discords I decided to go for a Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® style unit.

So let's take a look at the individual characters:

Majestic-13 Team Leader

First one is, of course, the Leader of the unit with the most feared weapon: The knife hand! I cut some chest webbing bits up to make him stand out, he is holding an MDX-510C rifle with suppressor and the small specter rifle scope. Afterwards I followed Dan's example and cut up some paper to create the sling, giving the Leader a proper pose and equipment.

Majestic-13 Team Medic

Majestic-13 Team Medic

Next up is the Medic. I decided to give him a moving position and add the Medic bag from the fatigue command set. When it came to weapons I thought for a moment, but then decided to give him a pistol for the use in Majestic-13 (as well as the Medical kit). After some comparison I decided on using the Desert Eagle pistol, and to stay in the topic, added one of the rifle suppressors to it. But that wasn't enough for me so he got a slung rifle (again with superglue soaked paper as a sling) with the same attachments as the leader and the masked Ops Core helmet.

Majestic-13 Team Comms Specialist

Third one in Squad is the Comms specialist. I added a radio communications backpack and used an ops core balaclava helmet with the headset to push that feeling. Not only will he be able to call in support robots or airstrikes, but he also carries the second of my three starting equipment pieces: the proximity detector to find those nasty hidden aliens.

Majestic-13 Team Machine Gunner

For my Machine Gunner, I used a pair of PMC arms which fit the overall style very well, pushing the machine gunner look and giving him enough differences to provide him with his own character. In Majestic-13 he'll rock the heavy repeating rifle and my third piece of equipment: the Targeting Assist which should lead to a pretty constant and accurate hitting fire support against those nasty aliens.

Majestic-13 Team Grenadier

The last team member is using the GL-32 and an ops core balaclava helmet with the raised glasses, I guess he wants to see that exploding alien without any tint.

Just for style all my Ghosts have Holsters attached to their leg and I moddeled some straps with the help of Tamiya epoxy putty. Also most have pouches attached to their plate carriers.

If you want to see more, check out their Instagram @rolfs.ekkehard !

Thanks for sharing these cool models with us! 

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9/23/2023 11:12 PM
I can see two alternative ways to go about it from my two favorite alien busting human forces.
UNIT from Dr Who, carrying out those missions that the Doctor does not ever need to know about.
Beret heads and a pretty uniform advanced but ultimately modern look, give them G36s. - Paint the berets red and the uniforms black to make them

XCOM troopers, a mix of advanced looking modern equipment and guns. Perhaps kit them out with a mixture of modern equipment to make them look like special forces troops from all over the world, and don't forget to give everyone a little flag for their nationailty!