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Daughters of the Burning Rose - 3D Test Print Giveaway - 28mm Miniatures

Daughters of the Burning Rose - 3D Test Print Giveaway - 28mm Miniatures

This month's Giveaway features 22 Unique pre-assembled Daughters (10 Infantry and 12 Characters) miniatures that we constructed as examples! Over £80 worth of minis!!

Anvil Digital Forge designs a fantastic new digital bundle of themed, modular wargaming miniatures each month for home 3d printing, which you can get at a rock-bottom price by subscribing to our Patreon, or our MyMiniFactory Tribe

The best part, our designs are modular, allowing you to mix and match with previous and future months, as well as the Anvil Industry resin range. They also make super conversion bits for other manufacturers' minis, giving you the ultimate digital bits box!

Every month, we test print all our Digital Forge parts to make sure we maintain only the highest levels of quality and reliability for our patrons. But once that's been verified, we sometimes have to put the parts to one side and focus on the next batch, which seems like a missed opportunity...

That's why we've decided to run a giveaway! If we can't immediately make use of them, then there's no need for us to sequester them away, when one lucky person can win them!

To enter the giveaway, enter your email to receive the latest and greatest from Anvil Industry (unsubscribe at any time) and complete any actions to get bonus entries.

Please read the full terms as geographical restrictions apply - open to the United Kingdom, USA, Europe (EU & EEA), Australia and New Zealand only.

Prize includes shipping to any valid entry location.

Sign up for our 3D Printed Test Parts Giveaway and receive everything we've test printed for that month - the parts have been washed and post-cured, and sometimes it will include pre-build examples and some de-supported parts - but otherwise it's a treasure trove of parts to use for whatever your imagination can conjure!

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