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Conversion Corner - Adam's Winter Division™ Agents

Conversion Corner - Adam's Winter Division™ Agents

Welcome to the next installment of our (at this point) regularly scheduled The Division™ Conversion Corner - this time with more Agents (as you can't ever have enough Agents)!

Our recent Digital Forge releases (Modern Civilians & Undercover Operatives) and my improving skill at digital kitbashing gave me a chance to work on upgrading my previous set of Agents, and add some reinforcements. Since I want to feature enemies from both games, I decided to split my team into two parts, a winter and a summer themed one. I first started working on the winter team, as I really want to test my new snow effects!

Recently I came across a new ultramodern ruleset called Incountry - this seems like a good fit for my Division plans, so I based my team around the Tier 1 force list from the rulebook.

All models are a mix of cast and printed resin, some parts extensively modified in Blender.

The Agents

Division SHD Agents

The first four models represent a Tier 1 Fireteam from Incountry.

  • My converted PMC Operative One makes a return again, this time with an improved Dark Zone Bag from our Modern Backpacks bundle.
  • The P90 Agent's body is a slightly modified one from the Undercover Operatives set, with the kneepads swapped for a Wasteland Raider one, and a Dark Zone bag, beacon and MOLLE straps added to his backpack. His head is from the Baseball Cap heads sprue.
  • The Medic features a torso-head combination from Operatives, and an extensively modified ALICE frame backpack with a beacon, first aid kit (to represent the Medical Training passive ability) and a Remington shotgun strapped to the side. She is getting ready to call in an extraction, with a flare gun in one hand and a Dark Zone bag in the other. I used the plastic carrier bag hand from Civilians to make a Dark Zone bag held in hand. Other parts used are Female Cyberpunk arms & a pair of Female Fatigue legs.
  • The Marksman agent (representing the Marksman Primary role) is equipped with a lengthened barrel DMR variant of the ACR with a wrapped suppressor, 12x scope & a canted red dot sight. He's holding his weapon in the MRAD arms from the Operatives set. For this model I used my favourite Boilersuit body cut at the waist and a PMC head.

The weapons attached to backpacks were scaled to 81% so they look less oversized and all backpacks feature masks taken from the Respirator heads set.

 Division SHD Agents

Division SHD Agents

These two models will use the Tier 1 Specialists rules.

  • The Drone Operator from my previous team is back, with a new backpack (modified Modern Assault pack), the same drone I used for my Black Tusk and a HK416 strapped to the side. As with the Medic in the previous set, he represents Medical Training.
  • The SAW Guy is modeled after my character from Division (might also have some Nomad vibes - I might need to start a Ghost Recon™ project!). I always wanted a SAW with a vertical foregrip, this took some trial and error to do. I took the foregrip hand from Republic Commandos, the stock from Drop Troopers & the two male Pistol Grip arm pairs from Cyberpunk (as I wanted to give him a heavy jacket), I ended up using the right arm from one pair and the left arm from the other to make the pose work. Then I added a M249 with an ACOG and a PEQ. For his legs I picked one from the Wasteland Raiders set with some detail removed, a holstered pistol added and the hole on the knee filled. His backpack started out as an ALICE pack, then I added a Dark Zone bag, beacon and MDX strapped to the side. This is probably my favourite model I ever made!

 Division SHD Agents


Division SHD Agents

To round out my options I also built some JTF to be used as CIA Ground Branch.

  • This is a much more uniform set of models, all wearing 3D printed High-Vis vests with mag pouches and a backpack for the Sergeant & Combat Trousers and PASGT Helmets from our resin range. They are equipped with our older model HK416s with red dot sights. The Sergeant has a hand held radio so he can keep constantly calling for backup. As a nod to their non-existent combat ability in the game I added trash piles to their bases...

This time the bases are from the Modern Road Bases set I sculpted, with my usual 80 grit sandpaper, Astrogranite and scenery bits from Modern Urban Scatter terrainspent ammo casings & bottles.

That's it for now, see y'all later - maybe with more enemy faction conversions!

The Division and all associated terms are trademark and Copyright Ubisoft.

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