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Conversion Corner - Adam's Majestic 13 DEVGRU

Conversion Corner - Adam's Majestic 13 DEVGRU

Another new game, another crew to build!

With the recent release of Majestic 13, I took the opportunity to build ANOTHER modern military crew (as you can't ever have enough of those). This time the inspiration came from DEVGRU / SEAL Team Six as I imagine they would be one of the first groups to gain access to cutting edge reverse-engineered alien technology.

For the Sponsor of my team I decided to go for Industrial Arms, and my starting Advantage is Weapons Specialists, so I get some juicy bonuses for my weapons AND get to start with two from Phase 2! My starting base will obviously be a Military Command Base.

The models share some common parts like Load Vest / Female PMC torsos, Fatigue legs, Ops Core helmets, Modern Assault Packsholstered pistols and H&K 416s with suppressors.

Majestic 13 DEVGRU Operators

Sergeant and Rifleman

Majestic 13 DEVGRU Operators

These two models are armed with standard Assault Rifles. The arms come from the AR-15 Arms sprue, the Sergeant's arm already had the correct weapon attached, so I only had to add accessories (Holographic Sight and PEQ).

For the Rifleman I used the arm with the LVOA, removed the weapon and swapped it for a H&K 416 - the weapon is just long enough to work very well with the "C-clamp" pose.

I wanted a unique head for the Sergeant, so I used one from OpsCore with Balaclavas with the flipped up NODs from the OpsCore NVG sprue. To mark him as the leader of the unit, I took a left arm from Fatigue Banner arms with the trumpet cut and replaced with one from Tactical Hand Gestures.

Support Gunners

Majestic 13 DEVGRU Operators

They are both armed with REtech Gauss Rifles. I could have used our High-Tech Gauss Rifles, but I wanted to make the weapons look more like modified modern weapons, so I opted for LVOAs mounted on Militia and Female Fatigue Specialist arms.

After I cut the mag and a bit of the hand guard from the LVOA and filed down the specialist weapon lower to the three dots the two parts fit together really well with only minor filling required. Then I added backpacks from Fusion Cannons, and small Holographic Sights to keep the accessories consistent within the unit. The end of the specialist weapon lower looked too flat and straight, so I glued PEQs there to make them look more interesting.

Since we don't have any female OpsCore helmet heads with NODs, I cut another one from OpsCore NVG and glued it on, this time flipped down.

 Drone Operator / Medic 

Majestic 13 DEVGRU Operators

The final member is my Medic, who was built (to future-proof the team) to also be a Drone Operator in case I get to Phase 2 tech and choose the Medical Drone equipment.

I wanted to find a use for Civilian Tablet arms and Modern Comms packs for a long time, and this was a great opportunity. The Spotter drone is modelled flying over her, attached with a pin, and to balance the model out I added a H&K 416 to the other side of the backpack with thin plasticard straps.

She uses the same head as my female support gunner, with the NODs flipped up.

This was a really fun and quick build, from the idea to final gap filling it took me less than a full afternoon!

I haven't decided on basing yet, I will most likely go for my usual urban bases, probably slightly smaller size (32mm) this time.

That's it for now, see y'all later!

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