Conversion Corner #23: PMC Agents

The Division is one of my favourite games, and from the early planning stages of our PMC range I knew that they would be perfect for a pretty ambitious project - to build small forces representing Agents, and the other various factions from the game!

Obviously, I started with the most iconic part, the Agents themselves, but in the coming months I plan to build at least 5-10 models for each faction (really looking forward to the Cleaners!) - hopefully I'll find an opponent and a suitable ruleset (or maybe even use the AFTERLIFE rules with some modifications) to play a couple games!

The Agents share some common details:

    • respirator masks, either worn, or strapped to the backpacks
    • Dark Zone bags - for these, I cut bedrolls from our Bergen backpacks and scraped off the creases with a scalpel. After this, I attached them to the various backpacks, then filled the gaps and the sides with Milliput
    • Smartwatches, made from the back part of Exo-Lord Holographic Sights
    • Various items representing the in-game skills on the backpacks
    • Patches on the right sleeve, these are just pieces of thick paper cut to size, then superglued on
    • Glow sticks that are bits of thin plastic rod with one end pressed flat

Three riflemen

All three carry an AR-15 variant, with some custom bits - the angled foregrip is a regular pistol grip cut and filed down slightly, and the LVOA has a micro red dot sight (Regiments tactical scope cut down, with holes drilled), a shortened Exo-Lord PEQ laser and a flashlight (again, from a Regiments tactical scope, this time with the sides filed smooth).

One of the Agents seems to have found a briefcase with Shade-tech, and the other has his left arm modified so he looks like he's listening to a radio transmission.

The heads from the Long Hair and Opscore 1 sets have been modified to wear masks - for this, I only had to cut off the nose, file the chin down a bit, and carve out a little bit from the bottom of the spare Respirators.

The Pulse device is made of a breaching charge from the Afterlife Ballistic Shields, with two antennae attached - these came from the walkie-talkies in the Modern accessories set! Another agent has Regiments pouches attached in a triangle to mimic the layout for the Seeker Mines in the game.

Three assault specialists

They carry shorter range weapons, with plenty of accessories - most of them from our Regiments weapon accessory sprue, except for the shotgun blast, which is a Medium shot blast made by Armorcast.

The backpack straps are thin strips of plasticard bent around the torso - with a plastic buckle that came from one of our Modern backpacks (I had to cut four apart, kept losing the tiny bits...).

One thing that I knew I had to add was a pom pom beanie - just a blob of Milliput pressed on the top of a Watch cap!

My favourite skill item in this lot is the Ballistic shield. Tried to get as close as possible to the in-game look, I think I pretty much nailed it! The base was a modern Riot shield filed flat, recesses carved out and bits of plasticard (and a bit of transparent plastic from a blister) added.

In the future I plan to build a few more agents - with sniper rifles and LMGs. Then, I can move on to the other factions!

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed this Conversion Corner, see y'all later!

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