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Regiments Commissar Concept Art
Regiments Commissar Concept Art During 2019 we released several Commissar/Platoon Commander figures, each designed to compliment different popular styles within the Regiments heroic scale miniatures line. Today, we would like to share with you some of the concept art which was used during their development.
Exo-Lords: Concept Art and Design
Exo-Lord Power Armoured Heroic Scale Miniatures Revamping our entire Exo-Lord range was an exciting (and slightly daunting!) prospect. Although we’ve stayed close to the original 'tactical sci-fi' aesthetic, improved manufacturing techniques and moving up to a larger scale meant the new models could attain a higher level of detail than was previously possible.
Daughters of the Burning Rose : First Concept Art

This April, Anvil Industry will be running a Kickstarter to fund the creation of The Daughters of the Burning Rose, an entire new army of gothic medieval warriors!

Dress Uniform : Concept art and ideas for your projects!

Every new product release starts with getting some ideas down to establish the look and feel we are aiming for with the final miniatures.