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Afterlife Showcase: Spectre Operatives

Spectre Operatives are among the most elite and secretive military assets available to the Council, trained and equipped for covert operations and lightning fast precision raids.

Afterlife Battle Report: Gonna Need a Hero..

We all know how it plays out in the films, the main characters bravely fight off wave after wave of enemy grunts and emerge victorious, bar one or two casualties on the way.

Salute Debriefing

On Saturday 22 April we attended the Salute Wargaming Show at Excel London, with our most ambitious Afterlife terrain yet

Afterlife Battle Report: Feint Attack

The mission was written to represent a feint attack by a small elite force to create fear and confusion amongst a larger force of core troops and make command think a larger force was approaching

Afterlife: Battle Report - Jungle Abduction

The scenario represented an attempt to abduct a scientist from a jungle base. A small special ops force had infiltrated behind enemy lines and almost made it back with their prize

Afterlife : Our biggest studio game yet!

We used almost every painted Afterlife model we have in the studio to create Council and Republic forces of over 2500 points, including several Character models. Epic...

Afterlife Showcase : The Unity Guard

A closer look at the Unity Council's elite internal security organisation, tasked with garrisoning Unity Council facilities, protecting high ranking personnel and crushing internal dissent