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Afterlife Showcase : The Unity Guard

Afterlife Showcase : The Unity Guard

The Unity Guard is the Unity Council's elite internal security organisation, tasked with garrisoning Unity Council facilities, protecting high ranking personnel and crushing internal dissent. Member of the Guard are drawn from the Unity Councils most loyal and fanatical supporters, and undergo further training and indoctrination to ensure their unwavering obedience.

In the aftermath of the Cataclysm, the Unity Guard has expanded its reach and man power, using ever more brutal tactics to crush the Councils enemies within the walls of the Hyper-Cities.

A squad of Unity Guard on patrol in an industrial district. As well as their powerful shotguns and shock mauls, they are also supported by a Bastion mobile gun platform, which can be remote fired by any member of the unit through their Sphere link connection.

A guardsman's decorative dress uniform is designed to intimidate, but the heavy leather coat also conceals effective body armour.

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