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Regiments Heavy Weapon Squads

Regiments Heavy Weapon Squads

A very warm Welcome to our New Blog

We will be showcasing everything we do as a company, and also producing original hobby content and features. You can expect to see new releases, conversions, painting tutorials and showcases, Afterlife game content and battle reports plus much more!

In this first post, we’ve got the brand new Regiments Heavy Weapon Teams!

The Kit contains everything needed to build up three teams, either as a dedicated squad or to attach to infantry units, and of course you can choose from the full regiments parts line up to have your heavy weapons match the infantry squads. As well as being fully modular and compatible with the full range of Regiments parts, you can also leave the Heavy Weapon unattached. This means you can easily swap weapons between games to suit your tactics or opponent.

Our Heavy Weapon Teams are supplied with a 50mm base for the weapon and gunner, and a 25mm slotta base for the loader/spotter. This means if you were using the game rules for an Imperial Guard heavy weapon team (which counts as a single model with two wounds), the separate figure can be placed in base to base contact and removed when the team suffers one wound.

You can also purchase the heavy weapon arm Sprue and kneeling/sitting legs sprue separately for use in conversions, or for adding variety to regular Regiments infantry squads.

For our Tallinn Citadel Guard Team featured, I’ve gone for a quite realistic, muted colour scheme with urban tones of blue/grey ad tan. This contrasts nicely with the brown/green base.

Using metallic paints is an easy way to make miniatures pop out on the table top!

Fancy having a go yourself?

  • Fatigues : GW Desert Yellow base, Bleached Bone layer and White highlights
  • Armour Plate - VMC Field Blue, with slightly lighter highlight lines on the edges of the plates.
  • Trim - GW Tin Blitz, highlighted with Shining Gold and Mithril Silver
  • Pouches and other details painted with various browns, black, silver.
  • Weapons - VMC Medium Sea Grey, Field Blue and Oily Steel (or use GW Boltgun Metal)
  • We then washed the entire model with GW Devlan Mud (which they usefully don't sell anymore, so use any similar light brown wash).

Be careful not to overdo it with the wash! To finish the models we’ve added plenty of mud and rust, using brown paints, a drybrush and small amounts of Model Mates rust effect. I wanted to make the infantry quite clean, but the weapons themselves look old and very well used, which I think suits a medieval style militia.

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