There are over 800,000 unique Regiments, and you can view them using our amazing new interactive  3D Regiments Designer! 

(Browser compatible only at the moment, and missing shoulder pads and some options, version 2 is in development)

Use our Regiments Designer tool to choose your ideal combat gear, then use the platoon builder to purchase an entire platoon at once! The more squads you add, the bigger your discount!

Please read the description below very carefully to ensure you understand the options and get all the parts you need.

If you have any questions at all, please email us before placing your order and we will be happy to help!

Step One - Choose the basic parts you want from the entire range using the drop down menus.

There are some selection notes at the bottom of the page which we recommend you read.

The basic Platoon includes a command squad and two infantry squads, 25 figures in total.

You have a first Head/helmet option, plus an optional second head selection box.

If you would like half your head sprues (rounding down) to be different from the main selection, please use the second drop down menu.

Your Torso, Leg, Arm and Infantry Weapon selections will be applied to all figures in your Platoon.

Your platoon will include a sprue of command arms in the relevant style. We recommend you select at least one set of melee weapons and Sidearms, and you can add more than that.

Each of the Leg and Arm options has two different sprues available, and you will receive a mixture close to half and half, to ensure maximum pose variety, but the exact legs/arms we supply will vary.

Important Notes -

The Tesla Disintegrator has an integrated scope and attached power feed which means certain arm poses need a bit of modelling work.

The Trencher Shotgun and Trencher Phase Carbine have built in fatigue arms, so if you want to use either weapon, you must select Fatigue as your arm style.

The P90 and AR15 with arms options both have only 5 poses (not the usual 10) and you must then choose militia arms. Please contact us if you want us to mix these arm sprues with other arm/gun combinations.

Large/wide helmets will be slightly trickier to use with any Torsos which have a raised collar.

The Gothic Void Torso does not work with backpacks or Specialist weapons, so if you select any Specialist weapons or add a field Radio/Bergens, we will automatically swap the right number of regular Gothic Void torsos for the same number of Plain Gothic Void Torsos (which are then compatible). If you don't want us to do so, please let us know in order comments.

Step Two - Add Extra Squads - The more of a squad type you add, the bigger your discount per figure.

You can add:

  • 0-6 extra basic Infantry squads (10 men per squad)
  • 0-5 Heavy Weapon squads (6 men per squad)
  • 0-3 Specialist Weapon squads (6 men per squad)

You can add Shoulder pads at a discounted price. Choose the style needed, and then the number of sets. If you need more than 6 sets of 12 pairs for your platoon, any extra are supplied for just £1 more!

Step Three - Specialist and Heavy Weapons, and extra equipment.

The basic squads do not automatically contain any Specialist weapons, Heavy Weapons or equipment Packs.

To add them, there is a long list of drop down selection boxes.

If you make a selection and want to remove it, you can click "----Please Select----" again to clear the box.

Specialist Weapons 

The first five boxes allow you to add up to 5 sets of 3 Specialist Weapons.

Each slot will add three of the chosen Specialist weapon to your Platoon.

Slots 4 and 5 contain extra options (Phase Lance, Heavy Phase and Heavy Flame Thrower)

Your Platoon will automatically be adjusted to contain the correct arms for the Specialist Weapons you've chosen - If you want to purchase Specialist Weapons without losing any Rifle arms/Rifles, please purchase the extra Specialist weapons separately.

Heavy Weapons 

There are five available Heavy Weapon selection boxes, Each slot will add three of the chosen Heavy weapon to your Platoon.

  • Shoulder Mounted weapons are supplied with the relevant arms but nothing else.
  • All other Heavy Weapons are automatically supplied with the Gun Mount you choose in the drop down menu. Selecting Field Gun Platforms costs an extra £3 for as many guns as you have.
  • You can also select an optional Gun Shield, and the quantity you require.

Your Platoon will automatically be adjusted to contain the correct arms for the Heavy weapons you've chosen. We will assume that all Heavy Weapons are to assigned to squads, so we will swap sprues of Rifle arms for sprues of the relevant heavy weapon arms.  If you want to purchase extra Heavy Weapons without losing any Rifle arms/Rifles, please purchase the extra Heavy Weapons separately.


If you dont need bases please let us know, alternatively you can request a 25mm slotta base be supplied with each model at no extra cost.

If you tick the "Optional 50mm Plastic Base" box, we will supply a 50mm Plastic base for each of your Heavy Weapons. 

Extra Equipment

Next on the list are four final boxes.

The first three allow you to add a quantity of any backpack (with a selection box above for the style), Pouches Mega Pack and Weapon Accessory pack sprues. You can add up to 6 sprues for the price shown.

If you have more than 60 figuresin your platoon, and select 6 for any of these options, we will automatically include extra sprues, one per 10 men, for your entire platoon. So if you are purchasing 80 models total and select 6 sets of Pouches, we will send 8.

Platoon Special Requests

Here you can write in any special requests for small changes you'd like, which are not available in the main options. Note we normally can't split up sprues of parts.

Example - "please swap one sprue of enforcer shotguns for one sprue of Crisis Carbines"

If what you want can not be explained in one or two sentences, please email us to check its doable!

This Regiments product is not a toy, and is not intended for under 14's.

Regiments products are supplied unpainted, and will require some preparation and assembly with super glue. We recommend you carefully read the available Assembly Guide.

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Regiments Custom Platoon Builder

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