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Red Army Inspired Regiments

Red Army Inspired Regiments

Adam, from the Anvil studio team, has created an army inspired by WW2 Soviet troops, take a look at what he's created and the parts used.

Command group

Rifle Squad

To reflect the very mixed equipment of the Red Army, I used a mix of:

  • Ushanka / Side cap heads (Parade cap for the officer).
  • Open/Winter/Irregular greatcoat torsos.
  • Long greatcoat and Dress Uniform legs (with the side stripe on the trousers removed except for the officers).
  • The antenna on the wireless radio backpack is a cut down metal pin.

Mortar Team

Parts used are the same as infantry squad, but the radio operator's notepad is a piece of plasticard with several thin strips of paper glued on.

NKVD Maxim Team

Parts used were the male and female Closed Greatcoat torsos, Dress Uniform kneeling legs and heavy weapon arms.
Double wheels were used on the Field Gun to make the platform look bulky enough for the Maxim.

If you're interested in creating your own Soviet inspired army take a look at our Regiments custom squad builders or range of Trench Fighter bits:

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11/27/2020 1:56 PM
That’s some lovely kitbashing! I wouldn’t have thought to double up tyres like that for the Maxim - great thinking.