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Better Than The "Real" Ones
Guest 6/6/2021 11:49 PM
So I'm expanding my Imperial Guard army and wanted to add another unit of Tempestus Scions, right? So I hop onto ebay and buy a box, first box I've bought in 3 or 4 years. It arrives, I open it up and start assembling the models I need. When I go to put their heads on I start to panic.  Why can't I find the heads on the damn sprue?  I got these beret heads, these dumb gas mask faces, but where are the helmeted heads?

That's when I remembered that all my other Scions have Medieval Helmet from Anvil.  I had literally forgot that I used a 3rd party head.  And you know why I forgot?  Put these helmets on Scions and it perfects them. These helmets fit the armor and look of the models so much better than the "real" helmets.

Literally, the only reason I can think of why you shouldn't buy these for your Scions is this:  If you don't buy these, my Scions will be cooler than your Scions.
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Awesome Helmets
Daz 2/25/2021 11:24 AM
Excellent quality, beautifully sculpted, totally bad-ass!  Definitely buying again when extending my Astra Militarum force!
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Great Helmets
Luke 12/19/2020 4:40 PM
They fit perfectly on my tempestus scions models and suit the 40k aesthetic very well.
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