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Conversion Corner #19: Regiments with Exo-Lord Weapons

Conversion Corner #19: Regiments with Exo-Lord Weapons

We get a number or questions from people asking if Exo-Lord weapons can be used with the Regiments range, the answer is yes but with some modifications.

So here's a handy guide showing how to mod some popular Exo-Lord weapons to fit with the Regiments arms!

Widow Maker Carbine modified.

The process is the same for most Exo-Lord weapons. As the Regiments arms have a built in stock the one on the gun can go, also to line up the hand correctly with the correct pistol grip location, the back of the gun needs to be shortened.

The tools you will need are:

  • A file.
  • A fine saw blade/ coping saw or fretsaw.
  • Clippers.

For most weapons:

  1. Remove stock and pistol grip.
  2. File/trim the back of the gun about mid-way to the rear sight.
  3. File a new angle.

Black Widow modified. Exorcist Carbine modified.

With the Exorcist Carbine, the front grip is also too large for Regiments hands, the solution to this is to file the side of the grip down and add a bevel, you can see the before and after in the photo above.

Black Ops right handed pistol modified.

Lance Carbine

Due to the size of the Lance Carbine, the process is slightly more involved.

  1. Remove the stock and grip as before.
  2. Carefully remove the rear sight and fire selector assembly.
  3. File or trim the rear assembly to the top of the fire selector so that it is removed.
  4. Recombine the parts with your choice of weapon upper.
  5. We added the bottom part of a stick mag, which had been cut off.

Modified weapons ready to be attached to models.

Once you've assembled your Regiments squad you can add your converted weapons!

These painted example models are extensively kit bashed. They use Lance Carbines (converted following the guide above) attached with wire to Compact Fusion Power Plants from our Exo-Lords range. Other parts are Grenadier Legs and shoulder pads, Pulse Mech Heads, NVG parts from Black Ops fire team heads. The torsos and arms used are unreleased/older parts, but the Regiments medieval and medium torsos are good alternatives, and we will be releasing some new "rolled sleeve" arms in the future.

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