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Conversion Corner #24: Sentinel Dioramas
Conversion Corner Sentinel Diorama Anvil’s parts are often focused on as the base for the creation of an army of Regiment miniatures and/or the addition of extra parts on to other company’s miniatures to give them your own unique flair and style. Today we're focusing on the latter application of our parts with some custom Sentinels from Games Workshop.
Conversion Corner #23: PMC Agents

The Division TM is one of my favourite games, and from the early planning stages of our PMC range I knew that they would be perfect for a pretty ambitious project

Conversion Corner #22: Halloween Special - Army of the Undead!

With our new Zombies range being launched not long ago, it seemed the obvious choice to do a conversion corner showing how they can be combined with our regular Regiments Trench Fighters

Conversion Corner #21: Panzer Cops

This week Daniel takes over CC with a simple conversion using only Anvil Industry parts, some green-stuff and brass rod!

Conversion Corner #20: Morav’s Marauders

The Marauders are my new Shadow War:Armageddon Chaos-affiliated mercenary (counts-as Astra Militarum™) kill-team. Building the team took about 20-25 hours, using mainly Forge World™ and Anvil bits.

Conversion Corner #19: Regiments with Exo-Lord Weapons

Here's a handy guide showing how to mod some popular Exo-Lord weapons to fit with the Regiments arms!

Conversion Corner #18: Regiments Vs Games Workshop Skitarii

This week, Adam has put together some imposing figures using parts from our Regiments Trench Fighters range, and plastic components from Games Workshops Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Ranger and Vanguard