#6 Dark Exo-Lord

Conversion Corner

December 23, 2015

Robe? Check; Laser Sword? Check; Mechanical Arm? Check;...Welcome to the Dark Exo-Lord!

This weeks conversion, put together by Adam, uses our tactical scopes to create the hilt of a pair of red laser swords, for which we cast some rods in red resin! Combined with our Robed legs and torso and a hooded head we think this makes a pretty sweet conversion. 

Want to try it? All parts on 15% dscount for 2 weeks until 6 January. We don't sell the red rod, but you can make it out of anything suitable, and paint whatever colour you like!

​​Dark Exo Lord made from conversion bits Dark Exo-Lord made from conversion bits​​
​​Dark Exo-Lord made from conversion bits ​​​

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