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Job vacancy :  Digital Miniatures Designer (London)

Job vacancy : Digital Miniatures Designer (London)

Posted By: Joel Published: 27/04/2017 Times Read: 1111 Comments: 0

Are you an avid hobbyist who would like a full time career designing awesome new Sci-Fi miniatures and conversion parts?

A digital miniatures designer looking for a new challenge?

Anvil Industry is looking for someone to work in our East London studio as a full time Miniatures Designer!

We currently have a long list of ideas for a huge range of amazing new products, including conversion bits, accessories and new miniatures for all our ranges, but never enough time to sculpt them all.

You will be responsible for designing, sculpting, 3D printing and moulding a wide range of new products. You will work with Joel (our creative director) to both support his design work and develop and lead on your own projects.  

You do not necessarily have to have prior experience of using CAD modelling software, as we are willing to offer training to the right person, but we encourage applications from experienced digital miniatures designers.

Please note that at while working days/hours are very flexible, we are not looking for part time or remotely based designers.

To get a good idea of what the job involves, you can read our three "Making of the Beast" articles, which cover virtually our entire miniatures design process.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

What are we looking for?

The successful candidate must  be able to demonstrate:

  • Extensive experience collecting, modelling and painting 28mm sci-fi miniatures, ideally from several different manufacturers. Other scales/genres will be taken into account, but are not our primary focus.
  • A natural flair for creative design  - We will be looking for evidence that you have a great imagination, and can come up with original ideas as well as create new designs working with existing source material.
  • Some artistic skill with sketching or drawing. We are not looking for a concept artist, but the ability to quickly convey rough ideas to others is required. A basic understanding of anatomy and proportions is useful.
  • Extensive physical modelling experience (particularly working with resin miniature kits), and a  high level of manual skill/dexterity with typical modelling tools.  Converting and traditional physical sculpting skills are not essential, but will benefit your application.
  • A good level of computer literacy . We will be looking for proof of your ability to learn new software, so existing skill with any kind of creative software (eg Photoshop) will be an advantage.
  • General hobby skills which will benefit your application, but which are not essential, include knowledge of various tabletop game play mechanics, painting to a good table top and/or display standard, photography and photo editing, terrain design and building.
  • All the usual things they mention in Job adverts - good communication skills, hard working, self motivated, team player etc.

What we can offer you :

  • Extensive training in the entire process of miniatures design, from concept through to final product.
  • The chance to help shape our expanding range of miniatures and games
  • A great working environment as part of a small and enthusiastic team.
  • Flexible working hours/days.

The Salary 

This depends a lot on your experience and skill.

If you are a perfect fit for the role, but have no existing CAD design experience, you will need to be trained up in house. This is very expensive for us, so expect to be paid minimum wage for 3-6 months while you get up to speed, then at least £21K per year starting salary, negotiable.

If you are already an experienced digital sculptor (perhaps already working for a larger company in the industry) and want to relocate to London and have more creative control over your projects, you are very welcome to apply and we can try to negotiate a salary which reflects your existing skill. Your application will be treated in strict confidence.

How to apply for the position 

If you have any questions about the position, prior to putting in a full application, feel free to email or send us a message on Facebook.

To apply for the job, send an email to with the subject "Miniatures Designer Application", ideally before May 31st.

Attach to your email:

  • A cover letter, showing us how you fit the criteria listed above and what you think you can bring to the role. If you have a recent CV you may send it, but it is not essential.
  • Examples of 28mm miniatures in your collection.  Great painting skill is a bonus but is not essential. We would be particularly interested to see conversions, scratch builds or similar which demonstrate original thinking and imagination. You can attach images to the email or include links.
  • A scan or good photo of 1-2 sheets of paper, containing concept sketches for two new miniatures for our Afterlife game system.  One should be a human figure, the other should be a mechanical non-humanoid unit of any kind.
    We are looking for original ideas which are different from our existing figures, but still fit the theme and style of our existing miniatures/game world. A bad sketch of an awesome idea is more useful to us than flawless sketch of something generic.
    Feel free to include notes/annotations which highlight important or interesting features and help convey your idea.You are welcome to create something which draws some inspiration or style cues from existing ideas/media, but please include links to any reference images/concepts you've used, so we can see how you have applied them.
  • Anything else which you think may help demonstrate experience and skills which are relevant to the position.

If you are not personally interested in the position, but know someone who might be, please let them know, or share the advert on relevant websites/forums/facebook pages.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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