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SteveWolfe Custom Figures posted 03/02/2018

I've been painting and kitbashing figures for the past five years, and only recently have I discovered Anvil Industries. And my goodness, do I wish I had found them sooner! I've only dealt with a few "custom part" companies, and Anvil stands head-and-shoulders above them! It's rare to find a group that covers such a wide variety of parts, from equipment, weaponry, even incredible character faces!
I am just in awe with the quality, care, and commitment Anvil has repeatedly shown with every purchase. Recently, they had a massive "Pre-Order" selection, and predicted a specific date. When that date came, they reached out to ALL of their customers who hadn't received their items and had valid reasons for their delay. Such wonderful class!
I'm more than happy to have added their creations to my collection, and I can't wait to see what new stuff they have in store in the future!

Carlo Spinale posted 25/01/2018

Anvil Industries has time and time again satisfied my conversion needs, and gone above and beyond in designing amazing and interesting products for use in all number of situations.
Every order I've made has shown up on time, well packed, and of a supreme quality. The products are highly detailed, well designed, and fit well with each other and other brands. It seems like any time I need something special to work into my army, Anvil Industries is there, with a new line of products.
Anvil Industries has become my one-stop shop for practically all of my Heroic Scale conversion needs. Their superb quality, expedient shipping, and wide selection of products all comes at a low price, when many other resin providers overprice.

I highly highly recommend Anvil Industries for anyone looking to give their 28mm projects a creative flair!

Jared posted 30/12/2017

I've been working with Anvil parts for almost two years now. They are better than many of the other conversion part manufacturers in terms of quality and diversity of product. The castings have minimal flash, show few parting lines, and are easy to work with. The resin used seems to have changed over time and is now less brittle and easier to work with than earlier versions and other products from other producers. I took this to the test when I needed to heavily modify some Anvil parts to be compatible with some GW parts for a conversion. The various product lines have siginificantly different styles, are largely interchangeable, and are compatible with other major manufacturers in the 28mm heroic range.

While the product is good, it's Anvil Industry's customer service that earns them a full five stars. My first interaction was tentative, as poor products from other manufacturers made me cautious. Anvil Industry worked with me to send some samples so I could try out some of the product line without buying full kits. A recent order of a custom squad included a on-standard head swap on one of the sprues--a switch that was easy to get through quick email communication. I'm already planning the next order.

Anvil Industry is my first stop--and usually only stop--for parts in the 28mm heroic scale.

Fernando posted 09/12/2017

Oh boy... The ammount of details, the quality of the resin, the myriad of possibilities... Ordered my first unit from Anvil and i basically received everything what i've been always looking for, but never ever found anywhere else. Great professionals, absolutely recommended. Sorry for my bad English.

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