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Justin Gessitz posted 17/09/2018

excelent service they sayed 2 weeks shipped to the us
...only a week also the sculpts are superb. and finally for the price of 10 guardsman from forgeworld i got 20 for about the same price.

Luke posted 15/09/2018

These conversion pieces are the shit! Super detailed, the wrinkles on the heads, my god... Hope they come out with some chaos or maybe some dark eldar stuff as the range is pretty much limited to Imperial Guard but what they have is all highly recommended.

Tom posted 07/09/2018

My second haul of Anvil goodies to get some modern / very near future soldiers and SOF minis off the ground.
The regiments \ militia\ contractors parts are stunning for this, and the number of build options is just silly.
Again, impeccable casting, no flash at all, and very minimal clean up.
All my requests for little swaps here and there on specific bits I wanted changed in my order were all done perfectly.
My order had to travel half way around the world and it arrived in seven days. Including the weekend!
I'll be ordering more stuff without a doubt!!!

Matthew Miller posted 29/08/2018

Excellent, high quality product; excellent customer service; excellent shipping. Overall? To quote Bill & Ted: Excellent!

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