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#15 Deathwatch Kill Team

Deathwatch Conversion

September 15th, 2016 

Games Workshop Deathwatch Kill Team

Images in this Conversion corner feature many component parts which are copyright Games Workshop Plc, and come from their Deathwatch Kill Team which you can purchase here -
We are not associated with Games Workshop in any way. Images of their components are used to provide examples of possible conversions to inspire hobbyists own modelling projects. 

Games Workshop recently released their new Deathwatch range. As Deathwatch are made up of individual warriors with their own backstory and war gear, the new army provides converters and modellers with a wealth of opportunities to customise and modify!

For this Conversion Corner, Adam and Joel have assembled an entire Kill Team of six unique Deathwatch Veterans, equipped with all manor of customised war gear and accessory parts!

If you are interested in finding our how we made these grizzled veterans, read on!  All the components we used are featured below. 

Deathwatch Conversion

The Iron Hands Champion leads the squad. Joel created a huge figure using our Large Bionic leg Conversion kit as a base.

The intimidating Scythe weapon is a conversion using the haft of the Deathwatch hammer and Deathwatch sword tip. In between, the front of a Scythe component from our Double Handed Melee Weapons kit is attached to part of a Chain Axe!
To give this reaper even more protection and fire power, he carries the Deathwatch breaching shield (decorated with our Wax Seals) and a 3mm hole has been drilled into the top of the backpack, allowing a minigun from our Afterlife range to be mounted!

The Dark Angle Veteran uses our robed legs and a head with lowered hood and mohawk. For some silence and deadly firepower, we've added a box mag and PEQ range finder to our Black Widow Silenced Carbine!

Next we have a lethal melee specialist from the Minotaurs chapter. To fit the Minotaurs roman/greek origin, Adam has used our Spartan helmet with crest, regal cloak, and spartan shield (with a brass etch symbol from Forgeworld.

Adam made a spear using brass rod and various resin components, and added a lot of chips and battle damage to show this marine isn't afraid to get stuck into a fight!

Our White Scars veteran features our decorative winged Predator helmet, a fur pelt and fur cloak.

He is equipped for melee with a short spear/glaive (made using a Deathwatch mace haft and the top of our double handed glaive weapon) and Black Ops Pistol with Reflex sight.

For room clearing, Joel has carefully trimmed the hand away from a Deathwatch Shotgun and added a new rear handle, allowing the weapons to be held on the marines waist. 

Deathwatch Conversion

For some serious fire support, our Space Wolves marine is packing our new Frag Launcher with box magazine.  The ammunition backpack is very different from the other Deathwatch Kill Team members packs, so to tie the model in, Joel has attached the targetter element from the top of a Deathwatch backpack.  

The final member of the Kill Team is originally from the Ultramarines Chapter.
Adam has upgraded the basic model with our Large roman crest and Centurion Leather Straps.

Having lost a limb in a previous conflict, he carried our Gladius with our multi pose bionic arm kit! The scabbard is on his waist on the other side.
Being hard as nails, he is wielding our Lance Carbine one handed!

The upper Flame Thrower is magnetised and can be swapped with the other uppers. The lower carbine element has a muzzle flash detail element. 

Deathwatch Conversion

Deathwatch Conversion

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