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#2 Exo-Lord Grim Reaper

Conversion Corner

October 29, 2015

For this week's Conversion Corner, Joel has used a selection of parts to create an Exo-Lord Grim Reaper style heavy support trooper.

A robed torso, hooded skull helmet and loincloth are combined with green stuff, used to fill the gaps and sculpt the tattered and worn cloth over the figures shoulders.
Parts from the medium multi-pose bionic sprue along with some weapon accessory parts make up the arms.

A missile launcher from the Afterlife Taurus gun tractors has been modified with clippers and a file to fit on top of a Fusion power plant, providing the figure with impressive fire power!

All the parts used in this conversion are featured on this page, and for 2 weeks until 11 November they will be reduced by 15%, so give it a go yourself or come up with your own!


Joel's Conversion Joel's Conversion​​
Joel's Conversion

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