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Who are the Republic?

After the collapse of the Unity Councils Authority and control in the mass unrest and rioting of the Cataclysm, many factions have emerged to claim power for themselves. The largest of these is the Pan Continental Republic, a group of powerful Corporations and Hyper-City governors who seek to overthrow the Unity Council entirely, and have the military muscle to pose a serious challenge to its rule.

The Republic is the principle aggressor in Volume One of the Narrative, launching the Shard Initiative to deliver a crippling blow at the heart of Unity City.

Read the full background story here.

What are the rules?

The rules for Afterlife are available as free PDF downloads:

Afterlife Main Game Rules (PDF, 8.3MB)

Character Rules & Profiles (PDF, 3.66MB)

You can buy a high quality printed copy in the Rules, Counters and Dice section or with any Starter Set at a discounted Price.


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Republic Pulse Mech Flight Pack (4)

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